Welcome to the pain cave! Kidding… but also not kidding.

Leanne is EFFECTIVE. She reads your body’s tension and tender spots like a book and knows exactly where she needs to focus… incidentally, often where you’d prefer she didn’t. But, I promise it’s worth it! Whether its needling, steel fingers, or cupping that you’re seeking, the cause of your pain or faulty movement pattern doesn’t stand a chance.

Leanne is knowledgeable and skilled in human anatomy and physiology, all of which help her build a strong foundation of trust with her patients. She makes every patient feel at ease with her impeccable professionalism, and warm, welcoming personality. Her positive energy combined with her significant experience in massage therapy makes every treatment with Leanne soothing to the body, the mind, and the soul. (…after you pass through the pain cave, that is!)

She is outstanding.